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Whether you’re buying your first home, starting a business or need a new car – we’re here to help you get the loan you need while making your finance a force for good in the process. Sounds good huh?

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Here’s how it works:

We’ll guide you through the entire home loan process from start to finish, in a way that empowers and supports you. We’ll also be on hand to answer all your questions and help you identify which banks will give you a great home loan - in line with your best interests and, if it’s important to you, your values. Plus, we’ll do it all for free!*
*Seriously, there’s no catch - it really is free! Find out how, here.
Once your loan is settled and you’re in your new place, we’ll check in on your loan every 12 months as part of our Annual Rate Review service. This means we’ll continue to monitor your loan, and renegotiate your interest rate lower whenever possible, ensuring your loan costs are always kept to a minimum - so that you don’t have to. Neat huh?
Take a look at the savings we achieved for our clients in 2021 here.
With the revenue we receive from the bank for arranging your loan, we’ll put 5% of it to work for good through our impact giving model; Pure Community. Of that 5%, we designate 1% to support community organisations working hard to protect our planet, and another 1% goes toward our commitment to Pay the Rent. The final 3% is set aside for the upcoming launch of a new not-for-profit - Yours.
See the incredible impact Pure Community has had so far, here.

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Better finance, pure and simple.

Finance for good

Pure Finance is a purpose-led mortgage and loan advisory that believes the finance industry can (and must) become a force for good.

Driven to create the kind of finance company that we’d want to work with ourselves, we seek to put people and the planet before profits and are passionate about doing everything we can to create a more equal and ethical financial system, where no one is left behind.

Be it for a home, a car, a business, or something in between – we help people access the loan they need to achieve their goals in a way that empowers and supports them, while also working to create the kind of world we all want to live in.

It’s finance that’s better for our clients, better for the community and better for the world.

It’s #financeforgood

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Why us?

  • B Corp certified

    Being a B Corp™️ - doing business and doing good

    As an organisation, Pure Finance has long been calling for a more ethical and equal financial system where no one is left behind. But, we also know that change starts with us. If we want finance companies to be held to a higher standard, then we need to be out the front, leading the charge, and prepared to put our money where our mouths are – literally.

    It’s for this reason (and plenty more) that we decided to become a certified B Corp™️.

    Certified B Corporations (or ‘B Corps’) are businesses that have been assessed by an independent third party to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. B Corp status is currently the only recognised global certification that measures this performance, with certified businesses required to undergo a reassessment process every three years.

    Learn more about our B Corp journey here
  • Pure Community

    Putting finance to work for good with Pure Community.

    As an organisation, Pure Finance is committed to putting 5% of revenue to work for good. Of that 5%, we have an ongoing commitment to donate 1% to organisations working to protect the environment and another 1% towards our commitment to Pay the Rent. The final 3% is being set aside for the upcoming launch of a new not-for-profit – Yours.

    Operating under this model enables us to do our jobs while simultaneously contributing to our shared goal of making the world a more just and equitable place. And that includes you and your loan too! When you choose to work with us, we put 5% of the total revenue we receive directly for your loan to work for good via our impact giving model; Pure Community.

    To be clear, philanthropy alone will not bring us the fundamental and far-reaching change our communities need to truly, and autonomously, thrive. While an important piece of the puzzle, any commitment to ‘giving back’ must also exist alongside a commitment to transforming our economic and social systems to care for people, and not just profits. Afterall, can we really celebrate economic growth, while it still allows so many to fall through the cracks?

    Our Pure Community model is a way for us (and you!) to use our revenue to create positive social and environmental impact, whilst also doing what we can to change the system for the better.

    Visit the Pure Community site to learn more about its impact here
    Learn more about our mission to change finance for good here
  • Annual Reviews

    Because a loan should never be set and forget.

    Most people who work with a good mortgage adviser know that part of their expertise is getting you a great interest rate on your new home loan, or when you refinance. But what people might not know is that a great, low interest rate doesn’t always stick around.

    Banks are notorious for allowing ‘rate creep’ to thrive, particularly because it’s in their best interest, but who’s got the time to be constantly monitoring a home loan? Well, we do! Every 12 months, we review all our clients’ loans to make sure they still have a competitive interest rate, and if they don’t, we contact their bank and get negotiating on their behalf. Neat huh?

    Don’t just take our word for it - you can see the results of our annual reviews here
  • Our impact

    Measuring our success by impact, not profit.

    Of course, we’re finance people so we love numbers – but they often don’t tell the whole story. That’s why every year, along with our financial impact, we also measure and report on our social, environmental and community impact, to ensure the financial solutions we provide are truly doing good – for all of us.

    What started as a way to shake things up and do something the mortgage industry hadn’t seen before, has quickly transformed into the cornerstone of how we do business and also demonstrates the collective impact of this small but powerful community each year.

    You can read our latest Annual Impact Report here

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