Wednesday November 14 2018

Pure Finance + The Smart Property Investment Show

There is no doubt the lending landscape has become somewhat tougher in recent months, particularly for investors. With the major banks under increasing pressure to ‘clean up their act’ in light of less than favourable findings from the royal commission, many borrowers have felt the sting of increased scrutiny around their ability to financially service a loan.

To shed some light on the issue, Pure Finance’s Managing Director, Brendan Dixon, was invited to share his insights on the Smart Property Investment Show, a podcast hosted by Alex Whitlock of Momentum Media (who was filling in for business partner, Phil Tarrant, who regularly hosts the show).



The episode covers off some of the challenges faced by investors in obtaining finance in the current lending environment, with Alex himself (a seasoned investor) sharing his own struggles around financing his most recent investment property purchase.

The episode also sees Brendan address some of the pros and cons of using non-bank lenders (who are becoming an increasingly popular option for borrowers), as well as some of the ways you can get yourself ‘credit-ready’ in the current financial climate.

Listen to the episode in full below! Or, follow the link:









The Smart Property Investment Show provides insights on some of the key issues facing property investors. Regular guests include: property experts, demographers, politicians, property influencers, and investors who share their thoughts on the property market, lender policies, government regulation and the national economy.



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