It's said that money rules the world. We think it's time to change the rules...

A different kind of finance company.


Sick of finance companies making you feel like a walking dollar sign? Yeah, us too. That’s why we decided to create the kind of finance company that we’d want to work with…

Whether it’s helping you buy your dream home (or your first one), supporting you to start a business or purchase a new car, our team of mortgage + loan advisers are on a mission to make finance a force for good.

Since 2011, we’ve been doing finance differently and helping people from all walks of life achieve their financial goals, while bringing much-needed change to the finance industry.

Our people:

  • Brendan


    Managing Director | Loan Adviser | Co-Founder 'Yours'

    As the Managing Director of Pure Finance, Brendan brings over a decade of experience working in the banking and finance sectors (though, don’t hold that against him) and is well known for his down-to-earth and approachable disposition in an industry that can sometimes feel a little...stuffy. He’s incredibly passionate about helping clients make the most of their finances, as well as keeping the banks honest, and he is highly skilled in both these areas.

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  • Chandel


    Director of Strategy + Marketing | Co-Founder Ladies Talk Money

    Often the best people in finance don’t come from finance at all. Coming from a career in acting and theatre, Chandel is now the Director of Strategy + Marketing at Pure Finance. Loud, proud, and passionate, Chandel channels her feminist politics and the experience of buying a property into helping others navigate the jargon-filled finance industry. She also expertly creates all of the nice and shiny things you see at Pure Finance from videography to branding to design. This woman is made for shaking sh*t up.

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  • Seb


    Loan Adviser | Pure Community Manager | Co-Founder Yours

    One of those rare gems, Sebastien is professional, personable and passionate about making finance a force for good. In just a few short years, Seb has helped build our like-minded community of people, drawing on his many years in hospitality and his academic background in human rights and law. We told you that often the best people come from outside of the finance industry! The heart behind Pure Community, Seb also works directly with clients to create simple solutions and get them the finance they need. A wealth of knowledge and an even better human, he embodies our mission to do finance differently.

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  • Cathy


    Client + Loan Manager

    Our much-loved Loan Manager, Catherine is an experienced bookkeeper and company administrator who brings a wealth of experience to the table. Joining us from across the Nullarbor, with a friendly, no-fuss attitude and oodles of style, who better to assist with your finance application than Cathy?

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  • Azra


    Company Coordinator

    You know those delightful people who join your team and you can’t remember how you coped before they came along? Azra is that person at Pure Finance. Our fabulously competent and friendly Company Coordinator, Azra has a background in customer service, sales and admin. With a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) under her belt, she has some seriously great communications and research skills and is also an A+ problem solver. Passionate about making finance progressive and accessible, Azra loves connecting with people and helping them on their finance journeys. A fan of the fun and frivolity of Eurovision, Azra is the lovely person on the other end of your calls and emails.

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  • Charlie


    Client + Company Support

    Who knew that an Economics student and part-time Barista would make such an excellent Client and Company Support? We did, of course, because we hired him! Charlie has a super keen passion for finance and a deep love of quality customer service honed throughout years of hospitality work, including for our great friends at Sample Coffee. The guy always has a smile on his face and absolutely loves interacting with people, and we’re so glad to have him as part of our team.

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How we do business.

Our values

To become more ethical, more effective and more equitable, finance needs to be about far more than just money.

Here are the values we live and work by:

  • We believe community is about being connected – to our clients, our world and to our fellow humans, and when you are more connected, you are more accountable. At Pure Finance, this means frequently seeking our community’s input, providing regular and meaningful opportunities for feedback, and donating a percentage of our revenue to causes we care about every single month. We are they, and they are us – we are all in this together.

  • Every action has a reaction and we believe in doing the right things, with the right people, for the right reasons, and being accountable for all of it. We know that what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is subjective and evolving, so we are committed to being on the right side of history on social, environmental and industrial issues. We promise to always be the first to put our hands up, quickly and publicly, when we make a mistake and do our darndest to fix it.

  • Hearing a finance company talking about ‘equity’ is nothing new, but the way we talk about it is. At Pure Finance, we are deeply committed to fairness and equity of access to opportunity, wealth, power, and knowledge. In financial services, we can drive positive and meaningful social change for gender and social equity by making our services more accessible to those that need them most. We do this by working with people from traditionally underserved communities and building a diverse and inclusive team.

  • We believe that trust is fundamental to the legitimacy and success of our business. However, we cannot define ourselves as trustworthy; that decision lies with you. We know our industry is great at hiding details in the fine print. And so, we value transparency in all facets of our work to enable you to make that decision for yourself. From the profits we make to the suppliers we choose, expect radical transparency and, if you can’t find something, please ask.

We're a B Corp.

B Corporation

Talk is cheap and the time for radical action is now. So, in September 2020, we became Australia’s first specialist mortgage broker to be certified as a B Corp. That means being held accountable to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

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Straight to the pool room.


We don’t do this work to win awards. However, we are very grateful to have been recognised in the following ways for our work doing finance differently.

Finalist / Best Community Engagement Program Better Business Awards
Finalist / Best Independent Office Better Business Awards
Finalist / Best Marketing Program Connective Excellence Awards
Finalist / Best All-Round Broker Connective Excellence Awards
Finalist / Marketing Campaign of the Year Australian Broking Awards
Finalist / Social + Community Service Program of the Year Australian Broking Awards
Finalist / Best Finance Brokerage MFAA Awards
Winner / Best Marketing Program Connective Excellence Awards