It's time for finance to do some good.

Looking after people.

Finance for good

The above aren’t words or phrases typically associated with the finance industry… but we think they should be.

The world is facing big challenges, and our industry needs to step up and rise to that challenge by being more inclusive and more generous. Change starts with us, but it needs to include you too. Plus, let’s be honest, giving feels good!

So, here’s to shaking shit up, and making the finance system more accessible and equal for all – together.

Why finance for good?

With the effects of unabated climate change already rearing its head and the gap between those who have and those who don’t growing ever wider, the future can, at times, feel precarious.

In the way that the finance industry so often contributes to these inequalities, it has an equal opportunity to be an effective and meaningful part of the solution.

People + planet over profit.

We believe that finance has an immense capacity to be a force for good. But that also means we have to be prepared to do things differently.

So, here are all the ways we’re changing finance for good and making sure your loan is working harder for you, and for the rest of the world.

Making your money go further.


How great would it be if you could contribute to the causes you care about simply by working with a finance company? Well, that’s exactly why we developed our profit-for-purpose model, Pure Community.

We donate 5% of our revenue to causes and organisations making the world a better place, which equals 1% for the Planet – a commitment to donate to causes combating climate change – and 1% to Pay the Rent – donating to organisations supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The other 3% goes towards ‘Yours’, a soon-to-be launching charity that gives people experiencing financial disadvantage no interest loans. 

By contributing a percentage of gross annual revenue (as opposed to a percentage of ‘profit’), together, we can have a much bigger impact. Take a look at the numbers for the last 12 months…

5% of revenue =
30% of profits
$60,757 donated
10 causes

From protecting the rainforest to supporting women’s refuges, every time you work with us, you are helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Explore the causes and projects that we have supported by clicking one of the 17 goals below, and visit for more.

Proud to be carbon positive.


We need a new conversation about the climate crisis. One that is action-oriented and inspires creative, climate positive solutions with measurable impact. Thanks to Chooose, the first streaming service for climate action, we offset our CO2 emissions and remove carbon credits from climate offenders. 

That means we help to reduce pollution by 68,000 kgs, or the equivalent of 44 fewer cars on the road, each year. After all, there’s no use for finance on a dead planet.

Measuring what matters.

Our impact.

Of course, we’re finance people so we love numbers – but they often don’t tell the whole story. That’s why every year, along with our financial impact, we also measure and report on our social + community and environmental impact, to ensure the financial solutions we provide are better for you, better for the community and better for the world.

Ready to make your finance a force for good?

Yes! Let's do it.