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There are few industries with more jargon than the finance industry. At Pure Finance, we are committed to breaking down the buzzwords and the bullsh*t, and serving up free articles, resources and events that help you make sense of your money. No jargon. No fuss.

Wine + Wisdom


What do finance and wine have in common? Not much, but they do go very well together! 

Hosted alongside our good friends at Fox & Hare, our Wine + Wisdom events are designed to be everything a ‘traditional’ financial education event is not. No boring lectures, no jargon, no bullsh*t – just real people, getting real advice, in real time. It’s about giving you the chance to ask those burning finance-y questions you’ve always wanted to ask, whilst making the conversation less intimidating and more fun because #wine.

After (another) covid induced hiatus, we cannot wait to bring our Wine + Wisdom events back better than ever in 2022. Stay tuned for updates here, or, by signing up to our journal.

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Ladies, we need to talk... about money.

Ladies Talk Money

A collaboration between Pure Finance and Fox & Hare, Ladies Talk Money is a free, online education platform that aims to tackle the complex relationship between women, their finances and the barriers keeping them from true financial equality…one conversation at a time.

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