Thursday March 21 2019

Home, sweet home


‘Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.’

- Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


Georgia loves houses. She also loves drawing them. As it turns out, everyone else loves her drawings…

A graphic designer by day, Georgia Norton Lodge first began drawing houses when her sister (writer and comedian Zoë Norton Lodge) wrote her first book ‘Almost Sincerely’, and asked Georgia to do the cover design and illustration.

“The book was set in Annandale, where we grew up, so I set out to draw all of our favourite neighbourhood buildings, starting with our family home” says Georgia.

“And as I drew it, I thought ‘hey, this is actually pretty cute’ maybe there’s something here…”

And sure enough, once the word was out, requests for Georgia’s house drawings started flowing.

“Basically, my sister showed her friends, and they wanted their houses drawn. Then her friend’s parents and their cousin’s cousins started asking me and it just grew from there, really”.

“So, I built myself a website, and Georgia Draws A House was born!”



For many of us, home is truly where the heart is. The word alone calls forth a catalogue of different memories, be they from the home we lived in as a child, our very first ‘share-house’, or for some of us, the house in which we first became a parent.

“A house can be big or small, it doesn’t matter, people still have a really strong connection to it” says Georgia.

“I know for me and my family, we all have a really strong connection to one another through memories of the home that we shared growing up and I think the concept of home elicits similar feelings in all of us” she says.

“I think, when people are purchasing my drawings, that’s what they’re really tapping into.”



Having launched officially in 2015, and with many drawings now under her belt, the orders for Georgia’s hand-drawn, one of a kind houses are flying in.

“There are so many different stories, and people are getting houses for so many different reasons, so there’s always something new and special. It never gets old!” she says.

“Just last night, I received an order from a man who had recently moved with his wife from Australia to Estonia. He’s getting a drawing of their home in Australia as a surprise for her, so they can hang it on their wall and remember that one day, they’ll be going back there.”

“I get these kinds of stories all the time, and it just makes me so, so happy.” 

“It’s nice that something I can do, can have so much meaning for someone else. It’s really special.”





Love your house? Why not get in touch with Georgia and order a little-house portrait of your own!






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