Wednesday January 31 2018

Pure Community: AIME

One of our favourite local organisations, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (or AIME) has recently announced its plans to launch its initiative across the globe. After 12 years of resounding success at a domestic level AIME has grown from its humble beginnings of 25 volunteers into the largest volunteer movement of university students in Australia.

AIME was conceived to address issues of structural inequality experienced by Indigenous Australian’s within the education system. By connecting university student mentors with Indigenous high school kids AIME empowers those who in the past may have been left behind.


Over its first 12 years AIME’s program has facilitated the empowerment of more than 10,000 kids over educational inequality whilst promoting Aboriginal identity. As far as what this looks like, organisations such as AIME have noticeably contributed to the closing of the gap between young Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, particularly when it comes to year 12 attainment rates and post-school education, training or employment.

AIME’s global model seeks to expand the organisation’s scope to kids of all backgrounds who experience educational inequality by using the two key economic levers of university and high school to build a bridge between the powerful and powerless.

Please join us in backing AIME and the launch of its international program, working to create fairer communities by empowering our kids.


To get behind AIME you can find them here:

 Gadigal House, 166 George Street, Redfern

NSW 2026


We acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians, ancestors and continuing cultural, spiritual and religious practices of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation upon whose ancestral land we work.

Featured artwork by Anna Petyarre.




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