Monday March 2 2020

Pure Community: Firesticks


‘Cultural burning brings community together- young and old, black and white to manage land for the long term.’

- Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation



For our first Pure Community donation in 2020, we’re pooling our funds for Jan + Feb and giving to Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation, an Indigenous led organisation that aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management.

Firesticks provides an opportunity for people to build on the knowledge they already have on Country and look for ways to make use of new technologies and understandings as a way to support cultural identity and practice. They are also facilitating training, implementing on-ground works and conducting scientific monitoring to establish a greater understanding of the ecological impact of cultural burning practices. Their program aims to work with fire to enhance ecosystem health by improving habitat condition and connectivity within culturally connected landscapes.

Ultimately, Firesticks strives to empower Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to work together towards healthy, functional and resilient landscapes.

Show your support for Firesticks, as they continue providing Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect Country through cultural fire and land management practices, by donating here.









*Pure Community and Pure Finance have no direct affiliation with the organisations and causes listed on this page, we simply appreciate the work that they do, and choose to show our appreciation by contributing to them. 

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