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Pure Community / Q2, 2023

As an organisation, Pure Finance is committed to putting 5% of revenue to work for good via our impact giving model: Pure Community. This 5% is then split between three distinct impact areas:

  • 1% to Pay the Rent - Supporting the self-determination and re-empowerment of First Nations people and communities
  • 1% For the Earth - Supporting environmental protection, resilience and climate activism
  • 3% for our NFP, YOURS - providing access to no cost, no interest loans and enabling participants to meet economic necessities and/or realise personal or professional goals with dignity and autonomy.

Let's take a look at where the community sent its support for the second quarter of the year.

1% Pay the Rent / First Nations Foundation

Increased financial stress is being felt right around the country as we endure what many are referring to as a ‘cost of living crisis’. It’s well understood that financial stress leads to reduced overall wellbeing and can create significant psychological challenges. A nationwide conversation is currently underway, acknowledging the prevalence of this increase in financial pressure and precariousness, and offering no shortage of discourse around potential remedies.

Often unacknowledged however, is how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia disproportionately experience financial stress as the result of entrenched systemic exclusion and discrimination. A PRE-cost-of-living crisis report found that 1 in 2 Indigenous people in Australia suffer severe levels of financial stress; 9 in 10 have no financial security, and 52% have no savings. As 75% of the community struggle to access financial services there is a clear and urgent need for targeted support.

By Mob, for Mob, First Nations Foundation have developed a range of culturally relevant resources and programs to promote financial empowerment, equipping participants with the tools and confidence to build financial prosperity for themselves, their family, and their community for generations to come. This comprises financial literacy training, a huge range of digital resources including gender-specific content such as the Rich Blak Women podcast, and a travelling superannuation outreach event, which itself has helped reconnect $24m in super to over 1,600 people across urban, remote, and regional communities.

If you’re in a position to, please consider joining us in contributing financially to the First Nations Foundation to allow them to expand their outreach. They’ll also be running in the City2Surf this year and invite anyone to run and/or fundraise on their behalf, if that’s more your style.

Lend your support:

Donate to First Nations Foundation’s City2Surf fundraiser

Run and fundraise for FNF in the City2Surf

Donation Impact / First Nations Foundation

Learn more:

First Nations Foundation - Website

FNF Annual Impact Report, FY22

Interview with Larisha Jerome - Ladies Talk Money

Listen: Rich Blak Women


Instagram: @firstnationsfoundation / @richblakwomen

Facebook: facebook.com/FirstNationsFoundation/

Youtube: youtube.com/@firstnationsfoundation6525

1% For the Earth / Bendigo Sustainability Group

It’s no secret that we’re strong advocates for community-driven movements, particularly those that promote sustainable living and development and ground-up changemaking. Enter Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG), a community of Victorian locals who foster environmental sustainability through action, education, inspiration, and resource mobilisation.

Over about 15 years of operation, the work of BSG has been necessarily varied -  from setting up action groups to tackle specific issues like waste reduction and nature conservation, to being instrumental in a number of local sustainable energy projects, with a particular focus on community solar installation.

Building on their local solar rollout, BSG are currently fundraising for their Giving Power project, which maximises existing State and Federal Government subsidies in conjunction with crowdsourced funds to install solar-systems in low-income homes in the region (where almost 30% of households are classified as being ‘low’ or ‘very low’ income). The Giving Power project is a small-scale pilot, which BSG hopes to expand significantly if successful. Currently aiming to service approximately 30 homes, an expansion of the project could see hundreds, if not thousands of low-income homes transition to sustainable energy with very little financial outlay.Please consider contributing to BSG’s Giving Power Fundraiser, where every $1 contributed yields approximately $2.40 in solar system value. We believe movements like this are essential in empowering communities to advocate for themselves while building a better future for all.

Lend your support:

BSG’s Giving Power Fundraiser (via Chuffed.org)

BSG Fund Donation

Get Involved with BSG

Learn more:

Giving Power Info

Giving Power Homeowner Profiles

BSG - Current Projects

BSG - Past Projects

BSG - Strategic Report 

Govt. Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme


BSG on Instagram

BSG on Facebook

3% to YOURS

There was also an additional $7,574 added to the YOURS lending pool this quarter.

On behalf of all of us at Pure Finance, we want to thank all of the people, communities and organisations that are working hard to make our world a more just and equitable one. It is an honour to be able to support your work in ways both big and small.

If you want to learn more about Pure Community, you can visit: www.purecommunity.co and if you have any questions, get in touch with us here.

*Pure Community and Pure Finance have no direct affiliation with the organisations and causes listed above. We simply appreciate the work that they do, and choose to show our appreciation by lending our support.

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