Friday June 28 2019

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"We are hurting in the face of unprecedented drought, extreme heat, environmental pollution and the destruction of country and culture. It’s time that we look to the leadership of Indigenous people who are building strong, sustainable, self-determining communities."



Whilst climate change is an issue that affects everybody, its impacts are not evenly dispersed. Often, it’s those that contribute the least to the causes of climate change that are set to face its most severe consequences.

In Australia, people on low incomes, communities of colour, women, youth, and in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, are the communities that are often hit first and worst, not only by the impacts of climate change but also the impacts of extractive, polluting and wasteful industries.

To coincide with #reconciliationweek this month, Pure Community is donating to SEED, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. Working alongside the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, SEED are committed to just solutions to the climate crisis, addressing systemic inequality and working in solidarity with those who are the most impacted. Their vision is for a just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities, powered by renewable energy.


SEED Pure Community


SEED’s Campaigns


Protect Country

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived sustainably off their land since time immemorial. Protection of country is at the very core of Indigenous culture and they have strong songlines across the country that connect them to each other, to their culture and to their land.

SEED are calling on the government to rule out any Federal Government investment, subsidies or royalty-free periods for any new coal or gas projects, that will devastate the country and further the negative effects of the climate crisis.

 You can add your voice and support SEED as they fight to protect their land, culture and communities from fossil fuel extraction and global warming. Sign the petition here!


Don’t frack the NT

After an inquiry that ignored oil fracking risks last year, the Northern Territory Government reneged on their promise and scrapped the fracking ban in April. Since then, Origin Energy have doubled down on their efforts to begin drilling in the Beetaloo basin, 500 km south-east of Darwin. It is reported that the project could release four to five times as much greenhouse gas emissions as the proposed Adani Carmichael mine. Worse still, fracking can have catastrophic effects on people’s health and the environment.

In the US, fracking fluid, which can be contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic and other known human carcinogens, has found its way into local waterways and polluted the ground and drinking water. It is also reported that people who live near fracking wells have a heightened risk of developing cancer, asthma, and other serious ailments associated with inhaling or ingesting the toxic chemicals involved in the fracking process.

In fact, fracking is so dangerous, it has been banned in several countries due to its hazardous health and environmental effects.

It’s pretty clear that the concerns of traditional land owners and Indigenous communities in the NT are being ignored. They, along with SEED, have a hugely important battle on their hands, and they need as much support as possible.

You can pledge your support, and tell Origin Energy to ‘frack off’ by signing the petition here!

If Origin is your current energy provider and this doesn’t sit right with you, we encourage you to let them know! You can find Origin’s Facebook page here.


SEED Pure Community


Indigenous Youth Declaration for Climate Justice

Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth are a part of the oldest continuing culture in the world. A culture and a people that have lived in harmony with the land for generations.

Right now, climate change is disproportionately affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with rising sea levels in the Torres Strait, loss of sacred country and diminishing food and water accessibility.

SEED’s vision is for a just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities. They are calling for climate justice which means transitioning away from fossil fuels and moving towards safe, clean, renewable energy.

Will you stand in solidarity with SEED for a just and safe climate? Sign the Indigenous Youth Declaration for Climate Justice here!



It’s incredibly disheartening to see even now, how deep the roots of systemic inequality still run for Indigenous people in Australia. In all our country’s talk of climate change, our national debate on its legitimacy, as well as its looming disastrous effects, the magnified threat it represents for our indigenous peoples is rarely, if ever, factored in to the conversation.

SEED are fighting for a cause that they had no hand in the creation of, and for that, we ask that you please support them in any way you can.

You can donate to SEED here.

Or you can become a volunteer here.







*Pure Community and Pure Finance have no direct affiliation with the organisations and causes listed on this page, we simply appreciate the work that they do, and choose to show our appreciation by contributing to them. 

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