Tuesday August 23 2022

Wine and Wisdom - an event series

What do finance and wine have in common? Not that much, but they do go very well together…

Designed to be everything  a 'traditional' financial education event is not, Wine and Wisdom takes some of the industry's best mortgage and finance advisers, along with one of Sydney’s best wine bars, to create a financial education event like no other. No boring lectures, no jargon, no obligations and no bullsh*t - just real people, getting real advice, in real time. Plus, wine!

Wine and Wisdom - 1
Wine and Wisdom - 2
Wine and Wisdom - 3
Wine and Wisdom - 4

Alongside our long-time collaborators Fox & Hare, we created our Wine and Wisdom events to be an antidote to the sometimes stale, inaccessible events the finance industry can be known for. Similarly, with personal finances toward the bottom of many people’s list of favourite conversations, we’re doing our best to turn the ‘money is hard/boring/stressful’ trope on its head by creating a relaxed, interactive environment where guests are able (and encouraged!) to become part of the conversation.

Basically, it’s like a drink among friends, except that a few of the friends happen to be really good with money and are keen to share their knowledge with you. See? Fun!

Wine and Wisdom - 5
Wine and Wisdom - 6
Wine and Wisdom - 7
Wine and Wisdom - 8

Rest assured, the food and wine are not an afterthought. Each ‘Wisdom’ course is expertly paired with a food and wine* offering by the WyNo X Bodega team, complete with an outline on tasting notes, the winemakers, and their vineyards and processes. So not only will you be levelling up your money skills, but you’ll also be able to show off your new wine knowledge at the next family dinner (you’re welcome).

And the best part? It’s free to attend!

So, come for the wisdom, stay for the wine and be sure to ask all those burning, finance-y questions. We can’t wait to see you there! → info@nullpurefinance.com.au

*If wine isn't really your thing, the wonderful team at WyNo will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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