December, 2015

Little Lord

A new coffee machine for the team at Little Lord

A cosy bundle of baby pinks and dusky greens, Little Lord evokes the feeling of having a cup of coffee in your grandma’s lounge room. Except, in this instance, the coffee is really, really good.

For Graeme and Jax, creating such an excellent coffee product from scratch was no mean ‘financial’ feat, and so Pure Finance was thrilled to be able to help out.

“When it came to the coffee equipment, because that’s our main product and priority, we didn’t want to skimp on any of the machinery. We were initially looking at these second- hand coffee machines, but they weren’t anything like the one we have now. When we were put in touch with Pure Finance, well, that was perfect”.

Plans for a second venture are on the horizon, but for the moment, Graeme is enjoying “being able to do coffee the way I think is best."

"Every single coffee here gets finished, which is pretty cool."

Little Lord

102 Salisbury Rd, Camperdown

Trading Hours:

Tues- Fri: 7am- 3pm,

Sat- Sun: 8am-3pm.

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